Businesscycle website launched

A website has been launched to provide employerss with a one-stop shop for information on all areas of cycling and to help them encourage employees to take up cycling.

The Businesscycle website, which has been developed by the Cycle to Work Alliance, Transport for London (TFL), Business in the Community, British Cycling and the Department for Transport, provides information on cycle safety, access to cycle training and ways to make cycling affordable for employees through the government-supported bikes-for-work scheme.

Dennis Millard, member of the Cycle to Work Alliance and chairman at Halfords, said: “Organisations have an enormous potential to encourage their employees to lead active and healthier lifestyles.

“The Cycle to Work Alliance is delighted to be partners in Businesscycle, helping provide practical information that organisations need to make cycling easy, affordable and safe for their staff.”

Ben Plowden, director of planning, surface transport at TFL, added: “Businesscycle is a great way to encourage organisations to promote cycling to their employees in a positive way, giving both employers and employees access to a wealth of information regarding good cycling practice.”