Business Environment pays staff to stop smoking

Flexible office operator Business Environment is offering its staff up to £100 a year to spend on stop-smoking aids.

The offer is linked to the NHS StopTober scheme, a 28-day challenge to encourage people to quite smoking during October.

Yasmine Shah, who works at Business Environment, has taken advantage of the offer. “I have always wanted to try to quit smoking,” she said. “So when I heard that there was an initiative where Business Environment can help, I wanted to get on board.”

David Saul, managing director at Business Environment, added: “We launched the smoking support initiative in a bid to help our employees give up smoking and adopt healthier lifestyles.

“Everyone is aware of the risks associated with smoking, but for some people it can be a hugely difficult addiction to overcome. By offering some help and a little incentive, we’re hoping we can make a difference to the lives of our staff who desperately want to quit.”