25 questions you should ask your auto-enrolment technology provider

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Many auto-enrolment solutions are now starting to hit the headlines. Some are ready, some are still in development, but how many will deal with all the challenges that auto-enrolment brings? Are UK employers underestimating the complexities involved? Will you have the right technology to handle the challenges ahead and ensure you are compliant?

We have met with many employers over the last few months who are finding that the provider solutions aren’t giving them what they need, the payroll solutions don’t go far enough and many are being told they have to change existing practices and processes to handle the complexities. With the right technology this just simply isn’t the case.

Data hubs or ‘middle-ware’ for auto-enrolment must cover the basics including: assessment of workforce; communications; opting in and out; re-enrolment; registration and audit trail/reporting. However, we have presented 25 questions below that you should also be asking your auto-enrolment technology provider. This will ensure you end up with a feature-rich software hub that can help you overcome most of your requirements and complexities and help you manage your auto-enrolment obligations linking payroll, HR and pensions providers.

Some of the questions may not be relevant for you and this is not an exhaustive list but demonstrates how flexible an auto-enrolment technology solution needs to be.

To find out what else you should be asking, request a copy of the full set of Crucial questions you should ask your auto-enrolment technology provider by emailing [email protected] or for more information visit www.staffcare.net.

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25 questions you should ask your auto-enrolment technology provider …

  • Can you handle companies with multiple pension schemes?
  • Can you handle Defined Benefit schemes?
  • Can you handle sectionalised schemes?
  • Can you handle companies with complex rules e.g. multiple definitions of pensionable salary?
  • Will your solution help me deliver consistent messages and materials across my entire workforce?
  • Can your solution create payroll instructions?
  • Can you cope with fluctuating pay, temporary staff, contractors etc?
  • What happens if the regulations change, will your technology adapt quickly enough?
  • What happens if I have a different opinion on elements of the regulations, can I reflect this in your solution?
  • Can I get data and reports out when I want or do I have to wait for you to send me information when it suits you?
  • Can I run the processes when I want e.g. to deal with late notified new joiners or leavers, or do I have to go with when you tell me you will run them and there is no flexibility?
  • Does your solution support salary sacrifice?
  • Can you handle postponement periods?
  • Can you handle the certification process?
  • Does your solution include an accessible audit trail so I can prove who did what when?
  • Does your solution remind me to do things so I don’t have to remember to keep logging in?
  • Can I attach documents to member records so I don’t have to keep paper copies of member opt out forms?
  • Do employees get access to the system?
  • Can employees change their own passwords?
  • Can the solution integrate with my existing systems e.g. HR, payroll and flex?
  • Does your solution have the ability to deal with matching contribution structures?
  • Can postponement dates be held at company, scheme, section of section, and/or individual member level?
  • Can you integrate with Master Trust arrangements, including NEST?
  • Does your solution create contribution schedules?
  • Will I have to change my processes and systems in order to work with your solution? [NB: No employer needs to do this you just need a more flexible solution.]

And the final question should be: is your solution ready now?