EXCLUSIVE: Good Measures offers green service to help employers promote sustainability

Good Measures is to launch a service that encourages staff to improve their employer’s environmental sustainability and take a share of any cost savings.

The service, One Planet Workplace, is designed to help UK employers meet the government target of a 34% cut in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020.

It allows organisations to research and set their own, realistic resource consumption targets, while employees commit to personal action plans aligned with these corporate goals. For example, employees using a bikes-for-work scheme could tweet or text their location to the system, which would calculate how much carbon they have saved during their journey.

The system can measure a wide range of resource consumption, including oil, gas, electricity and water.

Employers can use smart meters to record energy use and feed it back to the One Planet Workplace system which collates, distributes and compares data using an online portal. Employees can then track their team, their country and organisation-wide progress against targets.

Employers can use savings they make to boost their reward. Tim Roberts, managing director at Good Measures, said: “If UK government data on sustainability savings is correct, we stand to save employers about £1,000 per employee per year.”

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