Willis launches auto-enrolment product

Willis Employee Benefits has introduced a product to provide employers with tools to manage the auto-enrolment requirement of the 2012 pension reforms.†

The product includes a consultancy service to enable employers to understand how the requirements relate to their circumstances and what the impact will be on their business.

It also offers:

  • Advice on whether current pension arrangements meet the criteria for a qualifying pension scheme under the new rules, and an illustration of any additional costs that will apply.
  • A market review of qualifying pension schemes to find the scheme which best suits an organisation’s requirements.
  • A technology platform to manage the new duties and requirements of employers under the pension reforms, and to provide organisations with management reporting and analysis across multiple pension schemes.
  • Services to help communicate the changes and the options available to employees including the design, production and delivery of a multi-channel communications strategy.

Tony Powis, managing director of Willis Employee Benefits, said: “The pension reforms present employers with significant financial, operational, reputational, and compliance risks and challenges.

“This product has been developed to automate the auto-enrolment process and new employer duties to ensure employers meet new requirements with minimum disruption to their business activities.”

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