research: Office workers would take pay cut over losing colleagues

Nearly two-thirds (62%) of office workers would rather take a pay cut than see a colleague lose their job, according to research by

The additional 38% said they would rather see their colleagues sacked in order to maintain or increase their current salary.

To increase their earnings, respondents also said:

  • 48% would sacrifice lunch breaks
  • 14% would sacrifice cigarette breaks
  • 12% would sacrifice weekends
  • 8% would sacrifice their company car

Chris Meredith, head of sales at, said: “Many people believe the way to motivate workers is simply to give them more money but our results show that this view is far too simplistic.

“Nearly two-thirds of those polled said they would be willing to take a pay cut to keep somebody else in the job, which shows just how important a good team ethic can be in the workplace.

“For some people, money is their sole motivating factor so it is no surprise that more than a third of those surveyed said they would be happy to see a colleague fired if it would benefit them financially.”

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