Mercer introduces global health management product

Mercer has launched a global health (GH) management tool aimed at helping multinational employers create a uniform culture of health throughout the organisation.

Mercer’s GH Accelerator helps organisations prepare for full global health management programmes by:

  • Learning about health issues and opportunities around the world
  • Prioritising countries for health management interventions
  • Aggregating and assessing basic health data
  • Developing a global health strategy

Dr Wolfgang Seidl, principal in Mercer’s global health and benefits business, said: “Forward-looking organisations recognise that corporate healthcare is not just about focusing on disease but also promoting ways to live and work with energy and vitality.

“With healthcare and insurance systems varying from country to country, multinational employers are increasingly seeking to develop health strategies that balance global economies of scale with locally relevant elements.

“Excellent data is now possible for multinational organizations to develop a uniform, long-term approach to global health management that is designed to take into account the local nature of healthcare and variations among countries, allowing them to prioritise countries towards improving the health and productivity of employees around the world.”

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