Lifestyle Services Group adds gym membership to voluntary benefits

Lifestyle Services Group (LSG) is adding gym membership to its online voluntary benefits scheme to cater for its young employee population.

The organisation, which has 1,100 UK staff, has 700 call centre staff. Iain Cartwright, employee engagement manager at LSG, said: “The discounts match our demographic. Our call centre is mostly Generation Y so they can pick out the benefit that is right for them. A gym is something they use so the value of the benefit goes up.”

The voluntary benefits scheme, provided by Asperity Employee Benefits, was rolled out in November 2010, and has since seen take-up rise to 84%. The scheme also includes employee discounts, bikes for work and childcare vouchers.

The scheme was launched after interest was expressed through an annual employee survey in 2009.

As the organisation approaches the 1,000th member mark, it is running an incentive programme that will award £50 in shopping vouchers to the 1,000th joiner.

The scheme is available to all staff one month after they join Lifestyle Services Group, and is available for 90 days after they leave the organisation.

It is promoted on the firm’s intranet site with themed articles around each of the available benefits.

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