EXCLUSIVE: Shropshire Housing Trust launches online total reward statements

Shropshire Housing Group has introduced online total reward statements for the first time as part of efforts to get staff to understand the full value of its benefits package.

The statements, launched last month in conjunction with Towergate Financial, provide details of an employee’s total reward package, including the benefits they already have, as well as those they have access to but have not selected.

Benefits listed include: pay, pension contributions, holiday entitlement, healthcare benefits and a bikes-for-work scheme.

Niki Talbot, director of resources at the Shropshire Housing Group, said: “Our staff are hard working and committed to the service we provide.

“We want to make them feel valued, and the total rewards capability allows us to do this in a simple way.”

The organisation will collect management information on what benefits are being taken up by staff of different ages and genders to ensure its package is relevant, fair and has widespread appeal.

Talbot said: “We can monitor the take up of these benefits on a departmental basis across the organisation.

“We will constantly be able to keep under review whether they have been taken up or whether they are things that staff really do not value, in which case we can look for alternatives.”

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