Trimble MRM launches driver safety software

Fleet firm Trimble MRM has launched its new driver safety software designed to help employers run fleets more effectively and efficiently.

Drivers are given pointers on their safety performance via in-car audible beeps and red, amber and green lights. The system then relays real-time safety information to managers so they can see how well or poorly their drivers are performing.

If a driver is travelling too fast, braking too harshly, accelerating quickly or taking corners too severely, the system will warn the person at the wheel. The system reports specific violations and averages driving events over distance and time to create a safety score.

A visual warning system is mounted on the dashboard, which asses how well a driver is controlling the car in real time. An alert module will also use an audible signal to warn a driver when a car is being handled outside safety guidelines

Speed, acceleration, braking and turning can be kept within safe limits because the in-car warning system will warn a driver when those limits are exceeded.

Andrew Yeoman, managing director of Trimble MRM, said: “The platform we have developed will spark a revolution in the way fleet cars are driven. The safety advantages, and economic and CSR benefits are clear.

“Driver safety does not just mean the safety of a fleet driver but of all road users. If the thousands of fleet drivers on our roads are driving more carefully thanks to technology then the benefits can be felt by more than just the driver.”

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