Pierre Fabre launches total reward statements and voluntary benefits

Pierre Fabre has launched online total reward statements and a voluntary benefits scheme.

The subsidiary of the French pharmaceutical firm rolled out the offerings, provided by Portus Online, to promote a better understanding of its benefits package among its 40 UK-based staff.

Martin Grange, managing director at Pierre Fabre, said: “We reviewed our communication about the benefits we offer and saw we needed to modernise and improve it.

“We have introduced the online employee benefits portal to allow all our staff to access information about the benefits they have and see the added value they get from health, pension and insurance programmes. Through the web, they can access their own profile and update their information from the office or from home.”

The new schemes were communicated to staff using workplace presentations.

“The feedback has been very positive and the voluntary discounts particularly well received, and we plan to enhance the application further in future,” adds Grange.

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