Employee Benefits Live 2010: Cancer Research UK tests staff with employee benefits pilot

During a session called ‘Using reward to support recruitment retention and engagement of key staff’ at Employee Benefits Live on 29 September, Jane Vivier, reward and recognition manager at Cancer Research UK shared the details of the charity’s recent employee benefits pilot.

The organisation hand-picked 600 employees from across the business to test staff interest and engagement in a variety of benefits offerings, including voluntary benefits such as salary sacrifice childcare vouchers, restaurant discount cards, an employee assistance programme (EAP), and free accident recovery. The chosen staff included scientists, charity shop managers and staff from the corporate office.

The take up in the first 10 weeks was 75%, the highest rate that Vivier has seen in such an exercise. She also said that the spend is increasing month-by-month, with plenty of frank and positive feedback from the employees involved.

“You have to learn to listen to what is being said and also what is not being said,” advised Vivier. “Act on feedback and communicate that you have done so.”

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