Archant exceeds expected take up of green car scheme

Archant’s green company car scheme is proving popular among staff as the take-up figure is ahead of target.

The 30% of employees that have opted for lower carbon emitting cars is more than three times the number expected by the media group.

Archant appointed fleet management firm CLM earlier this year to manage its fleet of 550 cars, to generate cost savings in vehicle acquisition and servicing, and to help reduce the fleet’s carbon footprint.

One recommendations was to switch the cars needed for business use to diesel with the intention of driving down the current CO2 emission levels from the current average of 146g/km to around 118g/km.

Archant set its drivers an extra ‘green challenge’ to drive down emissions further by offering the option of the Vauxhall Corsa ecoFlex model, which emits just 98g/km of CO2.

Drivers who opt for a smaller car are entitled to a £40-a-month incentive, equivalent to the benefit-in-kind tax bill for having the equivalent company car.

Employees entitled to a higher grade of car will also receive the financial incentive. Staff will be offered the greener option once their present car reaches the end of its four-year life with Archant.

Greg Parton, head of procurement and sustainability at Archant, said: “In a report for the board, I originally budgeted on a 10% take-up for this project but, as you can see from the figures, it is actually about 30% – and that is great.

“While Archant is not saving any money by introducing it, we are doing our bit for the environment.”

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