Share plan membership breeds staff loyalty

Employees who are members of a company share plan work harder and stay with their employer longer, according to the Share Plan Study from Computershare and the London School of Economics.

The research, which surveyed more than 3,000 workers, also showed almost one-third (30%) of share plan members said they would remain with their employer until they retired, compared with 27% of non-members.

Almost half (45%) of members also took an interest in the firm’s financial performance weekly or more regularly, compared with 17.5% of non-members.

Just 47% of members had some absence compared to 54% of non-members, while members were more likely to monitor colleagues’ work and flag up if they thought they were not doing a good job. Over 80% said they were likely to speak to a supervisor or take other action, compared with 49% of non-members.

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