New business fuel card launched

Employers can save money on petrol bills with the launch of a new business fuel card exclusively for use at supermarket forecourts.

Accepted at around 1,000 Morrisons and Tesco stores, the fuelGenie card held by company car drivers can be used at participating supermarket fuel forecourts in much the same way as any other payment card.

Cards are authorised at the cashier by matching a cardholder’s signature or vehicle registration number.

By using the product, employers will also benefit from up to 3% lower fuel bills, no card fees and free financial reporting, and being able to manage cashflow more efficiently as fuel is paid for at the end of the month.

If employees have to fill up your tank for work, the fuelGenie card means that they do not have to wait for expenses to be paid back and can personally claim the loyalty points from each fill-up.

Sarah Keane, head of sales and business development at fuelGenie, said: “Everyone’s feeling the pinch from more petrol price rises – we felt it was about time someone made life easier.

“fuelGenie is all about saving businesses of any size time and money whilst making the process of petrol purchase and expense tracking hassle-free.”

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