ITV to review reward criteria for future senior executives

Television broadcaster ITV will be reviewing the way it rewards senior executives in the future as part of a normal business review.

The television broadcaster has confirmed that it will be assessing the criteria of its long term incentive plan (LTIP), which sets executive performance targets. The current scheme was put in place in 2007 and expires in 2011. 

The review will also be seeking to establish whether these targets should be modelled against those of European companies or FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 firms.

A spokeswoman said that employees in the firm’s existing long term incentive plan will remain in it and will experience no changes in the way they are rewarded as a result of the review.

She said: “As a business it is important to have incentive plans in place to attract the right people and retain them and that’s a piece of work we’ll be doing in the future.”