Women are happier at work, but men get better benefits

More women are happier at work than men with almost two thirds (63%) happy in their job role, compared to 56% of their male counterparts.

When it comes to benefits, both genders are equally happy with the way they are rewarded, however, there is a clear discrepancy in the benefits each receives, according to YouGov/Employee Benefits research on The role of reward and happiness in the workplace.

Almost four out of ten men (38%) are likely to receive a bonus compared to 27% of women. They are more than twice as likely to get a company car allowance (20% of men get these, compared to 7% of women). While 23% of men say they get private medical insurance, compared to 13% of female workers.

Debi O’Donovan, editorial director of Employee Benefits, said: “The types of benefits where we are seeing the biggest gender discrepancies are usually associated with senior management or higher pay levels. Men still dominate the top jobs, and on average earn more. What this shows is the ‘hidden’ inequality in reward.”

Among the 4,134 people surveyed online, 92% of men work full time and 7% of men work part time, while 69% of women work full time and 31% of part time female employees.

Overall, women were more motivated to perform well (62%) and were more likely to go the extra mile for customers (73%), compared to their male counterparts where 54% were motivated to perform well and 67% were prepared to go the extra mile for customers.