Taunton School launches part-funded health insurance

Taunton School is offering part-funded health insurance to its 377 employees as part of a wider wellbeing programme.

The school introduced the health insurance in September and will pay for the initial module of the plan, which includes consultations and diagnosis, provided the employee pays for module two which covers surgery.

The aim is to encourage employees to share responsibility for their health.

Johanne Davey, personnel manager, said: “This way people can get to a consultant quickly and then they can follow that up with surgery. The package gives them a lot more value for their money and [from us] it’s a lot more of an investment and commitment to the employee.”

The healthcare insurance, provided by HSA, is part of a larger wellbeing strategy, which includes alternative therapies such as massage treatment that will be made available on-site.

Staff at the school will also be able to join a 12-week stress management programme.

Both initiatives have been previously trialled among particular employee groups but are now being offered to all staff

Employees at the school include teachers, catering staff and event organisers.