KPMG has 16 options in its flexible benefits scheme

Financial consultancy firm, KPMG UK, has 16 options in its flexible benefits scheme, but the most popular is life assurance, followed by the pension and medical insurance.

The next most popular benefit is holiday trading so staff can buy or sell leave provided they are left with between 20 and 30 days.

Other benefits with high take-up rates are travel insurance and critical illness cover for employees and their dependants.

The least popular option is bikes-for-work; simply due to the fact that only a smaller number of people would be able to use the mode of transport to travel to work.

KPMG’s Annual satisfaction survey for 2007 revealed that 72% of staff believe the benefits package fits their needs. This represents an increase of four percentage points on 2006.

Dave Condor, director of human resources at KPMG UK, hopes that the scheme will encourage staff to take benefits that best suit their lifestyle. He says: “We are trying to make people take an active choice rather than just accept core benefits, so that they are able to get the value that they want [from the scheme].”