Coors consolidates health provision to simplify perks

Coors Brewers is to consolidate its healthcare perks with just one provider, in an effort to make its offering easier for employees to use and potentially deliver some cost savings.

From the beginning of this month, Bupa will provide the company’s healthcare perks, which include an employee assistance programme (EAP) and an occupational health scheme. The perks were originally supplied by three different providers which caused confusion for employees, according to Claire Sykes, director of compensation and benefits at Coors Brewers.

“With this move we hope that we can offer more efficient, joined-up and well-managed healthcare to help staff get back to work or prevent them being off work in the first place,” she said.

Employees will be given one telephone number to call to arrange access to all of the healthcare schemes, and information will also be available on the company intranet.

“With one phone line, the healthcare benefits will hopefully make more sense to employees,” said Sykes.

The drinks manufacturer also plans to work with Bupa to organise annual health and wellbeing events for staff.