Tax break has boosted client numbers for some childcare providers

Just under a quarter (24.3) of childcare providers claim that the number of children in their care has increased since the tax break on childcare vouchers was introduced.

Just over half, however, say that the number has not changed in this time, according to the Childcare provider survey by Accor Services and Communications Management.

The online survey of 1,334 childcare providers including private nurseries, on site creches, out-of-hours clubs,†nannies, play schemes and child minders, also showed that 14.2%, receive either full or partial payment in vouchers from over 50% of parents.

Some 3.5% of childcare providers accept some, but not all, childcare vouchers and only 0.1% do not accept childcare vouchers at all. However, 96.5% of childcare providers are now willing to accept them as total payment.