Staff worry about health implications of poor work-life balance

Almost a quarter (23%) of full-time workers never take a break during the day and 7% do not even take a holiday

The Health uncovered research from Legal and General demonstrates that one-in-five British employees believe that they are working too many extra hours, while 22% feel stressed by their daily routine. Nearly a quarter (23%) of full-time employees are not happy with their work-life balance.

The impact of not taking breaks is evident as 29% of staff who work all through the day said they are worried about their nutrition compared with only 17% of all employees nationwide.

Almost a quarter of staff who do not take breaks (23%) also worry that they do not get enough fresh air and 17% are concerned that they are not doing enough exercise.

Workers in the North East that are most likely to work all through the day, with 20% in this region not taking breaks compared to 14% in London.