Staff feel undervalued by senior management

Only 29% of UK employees think that senior management have a sincere interest in employee satisfaction and wellbeing.

The Global Workforce Study, conducted by professional services firm, Towers Perrin, reveals that two-thirds of employees feel that senior management treat them as just another part of the organisation to be managed, or as if they ‘don’t matter’.

Furthermore, the study shows that less than one third of the 5,000 UK employees surveyed believe that senior management communicates openly and honestly with employees.

Only 3 out of ten UK workers say that they have no plans to leave their current employer, but this rises to 6 out of ten among fully engaged employees.

Jim Crawley, reward practice leader at Towers Perrin, said “At a time when companies are looking for every source of competitive advantage, the workforce itself represents the largest reservoir of untapped potential, and senior managers need to rise to the challenge.”