Employee Benefits Conference 2007, London

To view a presentation from the Employee Benefits Conference 2007 which was held in London on 2-3 October, please click on the ‘Download’ link next to the speaker name below. Not all speakers are able to give us permission to put their slides online. When this happens we have tried to persuade them to provide an email contact instead.

A1 Confronting the challenges for employee benefits in the financial sector
Matthew Webb, UBS – presentation not available
John Campbell, Citigroup – Download (ppt, 732kb)

A2 Managing global and local approaches to employee benefits
Debra Corey, Honeywell – email [email protected]
David Clifford, ABN Amro – Download (ppt, 183kb)

A3 Tackling the challenges for employee benefits in retail
Karen Bates, Next – Download (ppt, 667kb)
Janine Owen, B&Q Retail – presentation not available

A4 Increasing awareness and understanding of benefits through effective communication
Mark Bingham, Secondsight – email [email protected]
Jim Cowan, RBS – Download (ppt, 2.6mb)
Jerry Edmondson, Hewitt Associates – email [email protected]

A6 Fighting apathy to pensions and developing alternatives for savings
John Reeve, RSPA – Download (ppt, 2.08mb)
Michelle Lewis, NAPF – Download (ppt, 462kb)
Frances Corbett, NAPF – presentation not available

B1 Back to basics: optimise the value of flex
Jim Harwood, Benfield – Download (ppt, 315kb)
Audrey Stewart, Betfair – Download (ppt, 1.61mb)

B2 Re-energising flex to exceed employee expectations
Ralph Turner, ICI – Download (ppt, 114kb)

B3 Getting ahead – advancing flex in your organisation and going international
Jo Wotton, EC Harris – Download (ppt, 4mb)
Mike Ashton, Watson Wyatt – email [email protected]

B4 Stimulating the right performance through reward
Ruth Hutchison, Whitbread Group – presentation not available
Raymond Robertson, Strategic Reward – Download part1 (pdf, 129kb)
Raymond Robertson, Strategic Reward – Download part 2 (pdf, 217kb)

B5 Executive total remuneration and long-term incentives for executives and senior management to support and drive the business strategy
Mark Hoble, Mercer – email [email protected]
Vicky Wright, Watson Wyatt – Download (pdf, 159kb)

B6 Reducing costs through tax efficient benefits and the green agenda
Andrew Bridges, Centrica – Download (ppt, 544kb)
Jane Vivier, Kent County Council – presentation not available

C1 Engaging line managers in reward
Samantha Gee and Sarah Turner, KPMG – Download (ppt, 3.30mb)
Mark Adams and Melanie Morris, Abbey – presentation not available

C4 Recruitment and retention – how to hold onto your staff and get the best out of your talent
Donna Miller, Enterprise Rent-A-Car – Download (ppt, 247kb)

C5 Promoting health and wellbeing to reduce absenteeism and engage employees
Kathryn Glendinning, Procter & Gamble – Download (ppt, 102kb)Dr Paul Kanas, Cadbury Trebor Bassett – Download (ppt, 829kb)

C6 Conducting a benefits review – best practice insight
Maurice Cheng and Alison Ward, IPP – Download (ppt, 772kb)

D1 Total reward to motivate and retain your workforce
Duncan Brown, PricewaterhouseCoopers – presentation not available
John Titmuss, BSI Group – presentation not available

D2 Be prepared – ensuring business compliance to employment law and the future for pensions
Steve Gibbons, Ergon Associates – Download (ppt, 59kb)
David Yeandle, Engineering Employers Federation – Download (ppt, 232kb)

D4 Competency recognition and innovative performance management on a shoestring
David Pyper, HayGroup – presentation not available
Maura Owens, ICAEW – presentation not available

D5 Overcoming the challenges of total reward
Gill Hibberd, Buckinghamshire County Council – Download (ppt, 4.2mb)
Paula McDonald, The Cabinet Office – Download (ppt, 424kb)

D6 The future of the Public Sector Pay Policy to attract and retain talent
Jim Savege, HR, Staffordshire County Council –Download (ppt, 865kb)

K3 Engagement for performance
David McLeod, Towers Perrin – [email protected]

K4 Enjoyment in employment – the benefits of happiness at work
Andy Brown, YouGov Consulting – Download (ppt, 292kb)

K5 Innovative communication to boost and align benefits with a limited budget
Charles Cotton, CIPD – presentation not available
Tom Russell, Cancer Research UK – Download (pdf 3.14mb)

K6 Future of work and the implications for reward
Peter Thomson, Henley Management College – Download (ppt, 442kb)