Attracting key staff to food and grocery industry is harder than ever

Attracting talent in the food and grocery industry is harder than ever before, with employees placing career progression above pay and perks when applying for jobs or deciding whether to move on.

Findings of a delegate poll at the  IDG Convention (a registered charity which provides information, research and best practice to consumers, companies and individuals throughout the food and grocery chain) revealed 65% of the audience of 600 senior industry professionals said it is tougher than ever before to recruit high-calibre staff. Just 12% said it is relatively easy and 23% said it was the same as usual.

Shanna Ritchie, business development manager at Leading Edge (the development and networking forum for managers in the food and grocery industry, managed by IGD), said: “The poll illustrates the need for the food and grocery industry to invest in developing people, giving clear pathways for progression, and helping to boost skill levels and networks.”