Employee Benefits Conference London 2006, Presentations

To view a presentation simply click on the name, to download click on the ‘Download’ link.


A1 – Alastair Kendrick Download (zip)
A2 – Email Mike Ashton to request his slides: [email protected]
A2 – Email Greig Aitken to request his slides: [email protected]
A3 – Doug Crawford Download (zip)
A3 – Claire Williams Download (zip)
A4 – Gabrielle de Wardener Download (zip)
A4 – Liz Ellis Download (zip)
A6 – Tor Farquhar Download (zip)
A7 – Paul Farley Download (zip)
A7 – Darren Payne Download (zip)
A8 – Stephen Bevan Download (zip)
A8 – Gary Hutton Download (zip)
A9 – Duncan Brown. Visit this web site to download the presentation: www.cipd.co.uk
A9 – Email Martha How to request her slides: [email protected]
A10 – Email Mike Davies to request his slides: [email protected]
A11 – Brian Fyfe Download (zip)
B1 – David Lebond Download (zip)
B1 – Ken Lawrie Download (zip)
B2 – Sarah Keeble Download (zip)
B3 – John Nicholson Download (zip)
B3 – Peter Reilly Download (zip)
B4 – Tony Morgan Download (zip)
B5 – Jane Birch Download (zip)
B5 – Helen Humphries Download (zip)
B6 – Dominic Doe Download (zip)
B6 – Caroline Jowewtt-Ivie Download (zip)
B7 – Email Marcus Underhill to request his slides: [email protected]
B8 – Phil Mullan, Richard Higginson, Lis Browning, Tom McPhail Download (zip)
B9 – Clive Wright Download (zip)
B9 – June Diamond Download (zip)
B10 – Cynthia Pinto Download (zip)
B10 – Debbie O’Donovan Download (zip)
K1 – Cynthia Pinto Download (zip)
K3 – Phil Mullan Download (zip)
K4 – Ivan Robertson Download (zip)