Oracle harmonises benefits internationally

Oracle is looking to harmonise its benefits offer internationally across the UK, Ireland and South Africa.

The move follows the appointment in June of Nick Foster (pictured), as vice president human resources UK, Ireland and South Africa at Oracle, which in September announced that it was buying Siebel Systems.

Foster said: "If we can have some similarities between benefits and providers that makes sense."

He added: "At this point I don’t know what is possible, but the team is looking into it."

The initiative is part of a move to introduce best practice across the three countries. At present the company has compensation and benefits teams in both Ireland and the UK, but no specialists in South Africa.

Foster is also instigating a review of the company’s flexible benefits package called Select. "We are reviewing it, tweaking it and making sure it continues to meet the needs of our employees. I see Select as a major contributor to the smooth integration of people from acquired companies," he added.

Although no decisions have been made on benefits issues surrounding the anticipated acquisition of web pioneer Siebel, it is expected that Oracle will follow past practice. When it has acquired other firms, the company has married up staff grades and benefits to the equivalent Select points.