Ellis Fairbank launches voluntary benefits

Ellis Fairbank, the recruitment company, has launched a voluntary benefits platform for its young headhunters.

If successful, it could lead to the introduction of flexible benefits.

Around 40 voluntary benefits are being offered to the company’s 140 staff including insurance and healthcare coverage, discounts on car rental and hotel rates and a comparison service for financial products.

Joanna Czternastek, head of marketing at Ellis Fairbank, said: "We’re in recruitment and it is a very high commission industry. It is not uncommon for individuals to take home £10,000 a month. We’re not going to give everyone free health insurance, and they probably wouldn’t want it. A survey [revealed staff are money orientated], so we’ve brought in a product that allows us to offer discounts on every aspect of our employees’ lives."

The platform is provided by Chase de Vere and is integrated into the Ellis Fairbank intranet system. Jim Aitken, marketing director at Chase de Vere, said there is a big demand for such schemes. "Employers can quickly enhance their existing benefit range at a competitive cost rather than moving to flexible benefits," he said.

However, Czternastek says flex will be an obvious option if the voluntary scheme proves popular: "[Voluntary benefits] are a halfway house really."