AC Wholesale offers staff the chance to buy at trade prices

AC Wholesale, the consumer electronics wholesaler, is launching a scheme for employers which gives their staff the chance to buy electrical products at trade prices. The employee benefits scheme enables staff to access a members-only website to order goods including DVDs and televisions. AC Wholesale claims that employees will face a maximum mark up of 9% on trade prices. Employers will take a cut of the net profit from purchases made by staff under the scheme, which launches this month.

Dan Lawson, managing director of AC Wholesale, said discounts would vary depending on the product. "Consumer electronics is a strange marketplace. Some [margins are] 50% some are 2%, and you do get a lot of loss-leaders. Headphones will have huge discounts and iPods will have very small discounts, [with] TVs somewhere in the middle.

"A lot of the incentives [currently offered] are quite dreary. There’s dental plans, bikes for work, they have their place but they’re not very exciting." He added that the scheme has been designed to reach consumers without jeopardising his company’s wholesale business.

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