News update – WestCom takes over perks

Internet connection firm Radianz introduced e-benefits IT following its takeover by US firm WestCom.

WestCom said it wanted staff at Radianz, now branded WestCom Europe, to keep all their core benefits after the acquisition, despite the differences between US and UK attitudes to perks.

Maureen O’Connor, director of corporate services, said: “The company wanted them to have comparable benefits to what they already had. Going online was a way to enhance the benefits package without going too crazy.”

The firm’s core benefits will now all be run through the online system, run by thomsons online benefits.

The one benefit scrapped on route was the travel loan, a reflection of North America’s concentration on healthcare over perks such as cars.

O’Connor, who is based in New York, said UK benefits are “a very different animal” to those in the States. She added: “In the UK there’s more attention to the employee and it’s not so much about what the firm is doing.”