Get the Gloss staff to leave work early in support of Equal Pay Day


Beauty and health site Get the Gloss is allowing its employees to leave work early today (Thursday 10 November 2016) in support of Equal Pay Day.

Get the Gloss is taking part in Stylist’s Equal Pay Day initiative, which encourages organisations to give female employees the option of leaving work at 3.34pm this afternoon; 18% earlier than the standard finish time based on the traditional 9-5pm working day. This represents the 18.1% average gender pay gap for full and part-time employees in the UK.

Get the Gloss joins other organisations in allowing employees to leave work at 3.34pm, such as Stylist’s parent organisation Shortlist Media.

Equal Pay Day is the point at which the average full-time female employee stops earning for the year compared to the average full-time male employee. It is based on the mean full-time gender pay gap, which is currently 13.9%. This means that women are effectively working the remainder of the year for free from today.

Equal Pay Day 2016 is one day later than in 2015, when it fell on 9 November 2015.

A Get the Gloss spokesperson said: “To show our support for #EqualPayDay, the day in the year from which women in the UK stop earning compared with their male counterparts due to an 18% pay gap, we will be leaving work 18% early today. We’ll be back in tomorrow as usual but proud to get behind such a worthwhile awareness campaign.”