Carlsberg doubles salary for four-hour beer tasting job


Something for the weekend: Carlsberg Singapore has doubled the salary for what it describes as #ProbablyTheBestJob. The organisation is recruiting for a very exclusive beer taster position, offering an impressive S$20,000 (£11,211) for just four hours of work.

The successful candidate will act as a Carlsberg ambassador. This involves drinking Carlsberg at work, and sharing the drink with friends for four entertaining and refreshing hours.

Candidates do not need any experience to apply, however they must have “100% Carlsberg passion“. Handily, a driver is included as a benefit so the successful candidate can fully embrace the assigned tasks.

Only available to candidates over the age of 18, potential beer tasters in Singapore have until 4 December 2016 to apply for what could be a dream job.

The Employee Benefits editorial team would like to highlight that if any organisations are searching for Prosecco tasters, then we would be more than happy to provide expert opinions!