Lufthansa staff strike over pensions

Luftahansa-pension strike-2015Employees of German airline Lufthansa are striking today (9 November) in a dispute over changes to pay and pension provision.

The Executive Boards of the Lufthansa Group and Lufthansa German Airlines will also decide today on the ramifications of the present strike action by cabin crew staff that are members of the UFO independent flight attendants’ union.

The decision will be announced at around 6pm this evening.

Members of the UFO union are planning further industrial strike action throughout the week.

Lufthansa last invited UFO to talks on 5 November, at which it presented the union with a modified offer, through which the airline offered to compensate any employee ceasing gainful employment before reaching the statutory retirement age for the corresponding reduction in their state retirement pension.

Lufthansa also made an alternative offer on the investment returns assumed for retirement pension funding purposes.

The present pension system at Lufthansa permits cabin staff to voluntarily retire from flight duties from the age 55 onwards. Anyone who does so will then receive up to 60% of their last salary as a ‘transitional pension’.