Lendlease links physical environment to its employees’ wellbeing

Lendlease offices-2015Lendlease has linked its physical office environment to its employees’ health and wellbeing.

The property and infrastructure organisation has partnered with Delos to develop a building standard that actively contribute to employees’ health, wellbeing and performance, and it intends to lead by example by implementing the initiative among its own workforce.

The employer is introducing the standard as part of its commitment to the health and wellbeing of its employees. As part of the initiative, Lendlease will evaluate its regional offices for health and wellness performance.

Geoff Dutaillis, group head of sustainability at Lendlease, said: “The built environment has a critical role to play in helping cities and governments transition towards a low carbon future; however, it’s the direct impact on human capital and productivity through increased focus on supporting health and wellbeing which is the untapped potential.”