Becton Dickinson personalises financial education

EXCLUSIVE: Becton Dickinson has launched a personalised financial education programme for its 300 UK employees.


The global healthcare organisation has introduced the programme to deliver education through technology to engage with the whole workforce.

Becton Dickinson is using Nudge Global’s Quantum technology, which uses HR and benefits data to profile employees and pre-empt their financial needs.

The financial education programme will provide employees with personalised and predictive education about their finances via mobile, tablet, laptops and desktop devices.

The education available to staff will cover: learning about self-assessments for higher earners, understanding childcare support for parents and how to clear student debt for graduates.

Tracey Clarke, HR director at Becton Dickinson, said: “Because financial matters touch every part of a person’s life, we saw financial education as a great way to engage with our employees and do the right thing for them.

“As many of our people work long hours and remotely, seminars and face-to-face sessions have not worked that well for us in the past and therefore delivering through technology was a must to engage with the whole of the workforce.”