Workforce Metrics launches HR compliance product

Workforce Metrics has launched a web-based HR product, which is designed to help HR departments better comply with government legislation.

The product, ER Tracker, aims to increase visibility and compliance, while also improving diversity, fairness and privacy in the workplace.

Andy Shettle, managing director of Workforce Metrics, said: “Surviving in today’s uncertain climate is tough for all organisations and each business function must operate at 100%.

“Our experience shows that HR departments, in particular, have processes in place that are unnecessarily inefficient.

”Not only does this place undue strain on resources, but failings and inconsistencies can also prove costly down the line if, for instance, grievances are not dealt with correctly.

“ER Tracker is designed to support HR professionals by giving them the information they need, in an intuitive format that solves a widespread industry problem.

 “It does this by allowing HR departments to ensure the equal treatment of all employees, in line with government legislation.”