London living wage increased to £8.80

London Mayor Boris Johnson (pictured) has announced an increase in the London living wage from £8.55 to £8.80.

More than 400 employers will celebrate their commitment to the living wage throughout Living Wage Week, between 4 and 8 November.

Organisations, such as the National Portrait Gallery, Oxfam and Pearson, are among the new employers committed to paying the living wage.

Events taking place to celebrate Living Wage Week, include:

  • Pricewaterhouse Coopers hosting the More London event to explore becoming a living wage zone.
  • Manchester College hosting a celebration of the living wage in the north west.
  • The Trade Unions Congress hosting a Northern Living Wage Summit.
  • A Newcastle University Research lecture on living wage in the UK.
  • A Norwich City Council public lecture on living standards.

Johnson has also challenged more employers to get involved following a 174% increase in the number of accredited employers paying the living wage, from 78 to 214.

Johnson said: “More and more London [employers] are recognising the benefits of fair remuneration for all of their workforce.

“It is extremely heartening to see major new organisations signed up this year, but we need more converts. I hope we can spur on even more organisations to do the right thing.”

Rhys Moore, director of the Living Wage Foundation, added: ”Employers that choose to pay the living wage are going that bit further and helping their workforce in challenging times.”