Employee Benefits Awards offer coverage for employee brand

Guy Hayward, chief executive officer of Goodman Masson, explains what it means to win an Employee Benefits award.

The recruitment organisation won ‘Best reward strategy aligned to business strategy’ at the Employee Benefits Awards 2013. 

It had integrated its inclusive reward strategy into its business culture to create a package to retain its strong performers. The financial benefits included a student loan fund, a home improvement loan and an exotic holiday fund.

1. What has winning an Employee Benefits’ award meant to you and to your team?

It means a great deal. We set out to create a reward programme, which we called The Benefits Boutique. It supported retention, the most important component in achieving our two strategic aims. We wanted to challenge conventional wisdom and the status quo with our creativity and the award is wonderful confirmation that our approach has worked.

2. What have you done to communicate your Employee Benefits award win to your organisation and to employees?

The afternoon of the award lunch our (rather excitable) marketing team created and sent out an internal html to the whole business sharing the news. It was also added to our internal news feed across everyone’s PC and that evening our chairman took the business out for some celebratory champagne!

3. What has the award meant to the organisation and to employees?

We have been thrilled with the recognition we have received. I have been invited to speak at a number of conferences, asked to attend various board meetings of other [small and medium-sized enterprises] and we have received fabulous press coverage, all off the back of winning the award. It has been great for our brand and great for our employees, who have undoubtedly benefited from new business.

4. What would you say to other employers to encourage them to enter the Employee Benefits Awards 2014?

Quite simply, enter!!! Amazing coverage for your business and employee brand.

The Employee Benefits Awards 2014 are open for entries. The deadline for entries is 18 December.