Employee Benefits Awards fuel ideas

Simon Andrew, head of communications at Benefex, explains what it means to be recognised with an Employee Benefits award.

The consultancy won ‘Best benefits communications – smaller employer’ at the Employee Benefits Awards 2013. What has winning an Employee Benefits’ award meant to you?

What has winning an Employee Benefits award meant to you?

Winning the award was fantastic. It was great recognition for what we always knew was an exciting project. What felt truly special about this one is that it was specific to us as an organisation, rather than for our [employer] client work. It felt that bit more personal.

What have you done to communicate your Employee Benefits award win to your organisation and to employees?

Our award has pride of place in our office, for all employees and [employer] clients to see. As an organisation we are very good at celebrating our successes, and this was just another excuse to do just that.

What has the award meant to the organisation and to employees?

As an organisation, it helped us demonstrate what’s possible when you remove some of the [employer] client boundaries we often face. We also found that it generated discussion with [employer] clients and prospects. Employee Benefits is widely read and that gave us some great PR. As a team, it was reinforcement to keep doing what we’re doing, keeping fresh and pushing innovation.

What would you say to other employers to encourage them to enter the Employee Benefits Awards 2014?

Go for it! There’s nothing like a bit of friendly competition to make sure you’re on track in the industry, and to get some recognition for the hard work I know we all do.

The Employee Benefits Awards 2014 are open for entries. The deadline for entry is 18 December.