EDF Energy agrees pay terms for Hinkley staff

EDF Energy has reached an agreement on pay and conditions for employees who will build the proposed new Hinkley Point C nuclear power station in Somerset.

The agreement, which was reached with trade unions Unite and GMB, applies to electrical and mechanical workers.

It confirms their pay and conditions of employment, including welfare facilities and training.

Vincent de Rivaz, chief executive of EDF Energy, said: “This agreement reflects the importance that we place on partnerships with our employees and with trade unions to help deliver the UK’s first new nuclear power in a generation.

“Hinkley Point C has the potential to create 25,000 job opportunities in the UK during its construction, including over 400 apprentices, and it will create 900 jobs when operational.

“It is important that these jobs are covered by an agreement promoting the very best standards in industrial relations. I am pleased that EDF Energy, Unite and GMB will work together to provide a high-class workforce for the construction of Hinkley Point C and help rebuild the nation’s nuclear industry.”

Kevin Coyne, national officer at Unite, added: This agreement sets a new benchmark for pay, conditions and apprenticeships.

“It ensures there are at least 500 well-paid apprenticeships on the project, which is a massive opportunity for young people to get a skill for life.

“It also commits to direct employment and no agency workers, which ensures the workforce are more secure and enjoy equal treatment.”

Phil Whitehurst, national officer at GMB, said: “These agreements are groundbreaking, not only in the increased levels of pay terms and conditions compared to other agreements in the UK construction industry, but they are bound together by a ‘common framework/social covenant’ agreement, which is good solid industrial relations foundation that binds all the agreements together.

“This will enhance good site-wide working relationships between the trade unions, the client, and their sub-contractors, which the GMB will work fastidiously to maintain for its members.”