Chinese man repaints road signs to speed up commute

Image credit: Modern Express

Something for the weekend: Although most employees would move mountains in order to avoid rush hour traffic on the way to work, one Chinese employee has taken a more direct approach by repainting road signs to ease congestion on his daily commute.

The 28-year-old employee, Cai, has been fined 1,000 yuan (£112) for repainting directional road arrows in Lianyungang, Jiangsu province, after he was caught on surveillance footage attempting to redirect traffic.

Armed with a can of white paint, Cai was spotted painting a new road arrow in a left turn only lane to instead enable road traffic to use the lane to continue straight ahead. He decided to take this action, which was caught on camera on 27 September, after becoming frustrated with long delays during his bus journey to work.

Traffic police have since deployed workers to repaint the road.

According to Chinese publication Modern Express, Cai told local police: “I saw that the straight lane was always packed with cars, while the lane that turns left has a lot of space. I thought changing the signs would make my commute smoother.”

Here at Employee Benefits, we can see the appeal of redirecting the hectic traffic on Oxford Street outside our office to ensure a quicker, simpler and stress-free commute. If only we could get the tube to go directly to our nearest station and skip all the stops in between…