Emma Hart: How can organisations spread festive cheer in the workplace?

Emma Hart

In the run-up to the festive season, it is important for organisations to consider how to engage and involve their employees during this time. It is understandable that while work still carries on, the more engaged the workforce is during this time, the more productive staff will be. While the usually discussed topic is Christmas, thought for cultural diversity must be considered too.

There are several ideas we have tried at Visualsoft that have been tried and proven to lift spirits and morale at work. It is vital to ensure that a plan is put in place months before the lead-up to Christmas.

The infamous Christmas staff night out known to all organisations can be a little too expected, so ideas such as secret Santa, Christmas bake sales, and Christmas jumper day bring a little more to make sure staff mix and engage with each other.

The office environment should also not be overlooked. Christmas decorations, lights, and a feature Christmas tree with presents underneath it will lighten up a usually orderly office look. Once festive music is added to the mix, it is natural for people to feel part of the Christmas season.

Careful thought should also be put into the employee’s work-life balance to make sure that their own home preparation can take place, reducing their stress while at work. This can be achieved with the use of flexible working, half days off on Christmas Eve, and the ability to involve their friends and family in spreading the festive cheer.

Finally, as part of the charitable side of Christmas, events involving the homeless, children from underprivileged backgrounds, and the elderly really spread that feel-good factor from the people involved and the people who would benefit from the work.

Emma Hart is HR manager at e-commerce firm Visualsoft