3 Monkeys Zeno uses gift vouchers to recognise staff


PR firm 3 Monkeys Zeno has been awarding gift vouchers to staff for eight years. Christine Jewell, managing director, says: “We surveyed our staff and asked what sort of reward they would value: would they like dinner for two, for instance? Vouchers were what most people said they wanted. Cash gets lost in day-to-day expenses, whereas vouchers [they] can use to treat [themselves].”

The 75-strong organisation has a staff recognition scheme called Monkey of the Month. “We give people £150, with vouchers [they] can use more or less anywhere,” says Jewell.

The organisation makes a special occasion of giving out the gift vouchers. Jewell says: “We ask our staff who has gone the extra mile, tying it in closely to our corporate values. Up to five or six people win it every quarter.

“Every quarter at our [organisational] meetings, I read out the potted narrative of the nominations, and people come up to collect their vouchers.”

Birthdays are another occasion when 3 Monkeys Zeno rewards its staff with vouchers. “We give people about £25 in vouchers for their birthday; they have a choice then and it’s more personal than cash,” explains Jewell. “Gift vouchers are packaged nicely and feel like more of a treat.”

Finally, at Christmas, whenever the organisation has had a successful year, each member of staff receives a £50 voucher from Selfridges. “It comes nicely packaged in a box, and everyone loves Selfridges; the whole experience of shopping there is great,” says Jewell.