Top 15 most visited stories online in October

London Government

1. Employee Benefits Live 2014 speaker slides  

2. Court rules employers are liable for lost pension rights  

3. Members to be able to take multiple tax-free lump sums from pensions  

4. Nestle employee liable for tax on payment in lieu of benefit  

5. Rolls-Royce switches healthcare trust provider 

6. Total reward is dead 

7. Travis Perkins Group strengthens EVP  

8. Why new flexible retirement options should lead to a revamp of HR and benefits strategies  

9. How to integrate voluntary benefits into a reward strategy  

10. What are the new flexible retirement options?  

11. Home Group to re-launch benefits package  

12. Ending of colleague’s contract not maternity discrimination  

13. Government confirms action to cap pension charges at 0.75%  

14. Wells Fargo employee demands pay rise via email  

15. Redesigning an employee value proposition in today’s economic climate   

*Ranked by number of page impressions between 8 September to 24 October.