Carolyn Wilkinson: Thank you for another great event

Thank you to all the organisers of Employee Benefits Live. It was another great event and I loved being able to catch up with peers I’ve met at various Employee Benefits events over many years.

We are made to feel welcome immediately on arrival by the people in the entrance hall, and then on entering the hall, what a buzz with lots of conversations taking place. It was great to see some new providers this year, especially such high-profile organisations that had embraced the spirit of the event.

All the providers seem to put on such a show making their stands attractive and with give-aways or something refreshing to keep us going. And, of course, some interesting information to impart.

The keynote sessions were really interesting. I shared my time away from work with my colleague, Lee, and he was very enthusiastic about the keynote session on day one from the former head of MI5.

The sessions available were varied and we couldn’t fail to find something of relevance. Lee focused on flex and what we need to be thinking about in the future, particularly enjoying the sessions on the use of social media and how that linked well with the speech on the generational challenges involved in promoting benefits.

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The next day, I attended health and wellbeing events and took lots of notes and will be referring back to the presentations, so thank you to the presenters, too, for sharing their experiences with us. Live Nation seems a great place to work!

Carolyn Wilkinson is benefits leader at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC)