Stress is top health risk to employers

Stress among employees is considered the top health risk to organisations, according to research by group risk industry trade body, Group Risk Development (Grid).

Its Group risk employer research study, which surveyed 500 employers in October, found that 21% of respondents named stress and mental health issues as the number one concern, followed by family issues (20%) and maintaining a good work-life balance (19%).

The report also found:

  • 31% of respondents said that managing stress and mental health issues was their top priority for 2013, a 5% increase from last year.
  • 35% of respondents said that maintaining a good work-life balance in the workplace will be an important focus.
  • 34% of respondents have put flexible working arrangements in place as part of their work to reduce the impact of stress and improve employees’ work-life balance.

Katherine Moxham, spokesperson at Grid, said: “In times of increased economic pressure, it is important for employers to consider firstly the wellbeing of their employees and what wider implications are suggested by high levels of stress or other mental illness, and secondly what provisions they have in place to ensure both the employee and employer are provided with coping mechanisms, and are also adequately protected in case of long-term absence.”