Employers paying more for finance professionals

Employers are paying more to attract highly skilled finance professionals due to increased demand, according to research by Robert Half UK.

The 2013 Robert Half salary guide found that, despite stagnation in the general job market, accounting and finance professionals are in high demand.

More than three-quarters (78%) of the UK chief financial officers surveyed said it was a challenge to find skilled finance professionals and, as a result, are paying more for the best candidates.

The research also found that the move towards global financial reporting and regulation, and pensions auto-enrolment have created demand for professionals with skills in these areas.

It found that some roles will attract a 3% rise in salary over the coming year, including financial business partners in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and compliance managers and newly qualified accountants in large organisations.

Phil Sheridan, managing director at Robert Half UK, said: “Offering competitive compensation can help organisations attract top professionals and keep them on board.

“While pay is not the only factor employees consider, an attractive remuneration package can often be the difference between welcoming employees to a team and watching them accept job offers from competing organisations.”