Employee engagement levels stagnate

Employee engagement levels have stagnated, with less than two-thirds (64%) of the UK workforce feeling engaged, according to research by global management consultancy Hay Group.

Its Insight database, which includes information from 1,610 organisations across 46 countries, found that although 70% of respondents feel motivated to go the extra mile for their employer, less than half (43%) feel that their working conditions are conducive to optimum productivity and 48% face significant barriers to doing their job well.

As a result, almost half (45%) intend to leave their employer within the next five years.

Sam Dawson, head of insight, UK, at Hay Group, said: “With the gap between employee motivation and employee enablement continuing to widen, UK organisations are wasting a valuable opportunity to unlock the full productivity of their workforce.

“UK organisations trying to bounce back from the recession simply cannot afford to rely on the intrinsic motivation of staff. At such a crucial time for the economy, organisations need to provide the vision, leadership and support to maximise staff engagement and minimise barriers to productivity.”