Strengths Partnership extends psychometric testing product to US

Strengths Partnership has extended its psychometric testing product to organisations in the United States.

The product, which has been available to UK and European organisations, is an online assessment tool that gives account of an individual’s core strengths, how these can be put to better use, and results in feedback that provides an illustration of how employees can achieve their personal best in the workplace.

Paul Brewerton, co-founder at Strengths Partnership, said: “Since we started the business five years ago, the strengths-based movement has grown significantly and we believe offering Strengthscope in the US will provide employees, consultants and organisations with cost-effective resources.

“Our intention is that UK or European-based organisations already using Strengthscope and related products will introduce the product range into their US subsidiaries because of increased local access.”

Strengthscope was launched in Australia in January 2011.

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