Simmons & Simmons launches emergency carer service

Simmons and Simmons has rolled out a back-up carer service to help its 700 employees balance their work and family commitments.

The law firm had received anecdotal feedback from its employee discussion groups about the increasing difficulties in attaining a work-life balance.

Dan Flint, HR director at Simmons and Simmons, said: “We [pffer] childcare vouchers, we have been making sure we understand local nursery cover, and we have been looking at how we can provide more flexible working arrangements. This seemed like a cost-effective way of supplementing all of that and giving employees back-up cover.”

Employees can use the employer-paid service for up to six sessions of childcare or eldercare.

The service was communicated via email, onsite seminars with provider My Family Care, and a benefits roadshow in the staff restaurant.

In one month, 50 employees (7%) have registered for the service.

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